Thursday, December 20, 2007

Homestead Christmas

December is here and Christmas excitement is building around the Homestead. Cookie baking, decorating, present smuggling, wrapping and shipping are in high gear. Like many other families preparing for this holiday, Mrs. D's finds it almost unthinkable to keep up with everyday housework, ranch chores, homeschooling (good time for winter break!) and running a business, while trying to create a peaceful, joyful holiday experience. Maybe your family is celebrating a different holiday. For some great helpful hints on getting ready for the holidays 15 minutes at a time, check out for Holiday Cruising Missions. She's also got awesome free tips for getting and keeping your life and home in order year round.

Another important detail to remember is "why do we have this holiday?" For those of us celebrating Christmas, it's a good time to crack open that dusty ole Book and reread the first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew or Luke (New Testament in case you've forgotten). Getting the proper perspective on the holiday can totally change the way you prepare for it. For Mrs. D, turning her priorities inward, and letting go of that outward perfectionism is a great relief. The trappings of Christmas - tree, presents, feast - all help to make it special. But if the Homestead is not joyful place because of the stress of getting ready for the holiday, then why bother?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's!