Friday, November 19, 2010

Worksheets on Demand - KBTeachers


Looking for a fun way to reinforce that grammar lesson?  Math activities for your pre-reader?  A fill-in body parts identification chart?  Teachers, homeschoolers, parents, KBTeachers offers worksheets, workbooks and clip art to supplement almost every subject.

KBTeachers has seasonal themed worksheets and acitvities, changeable elementary math worksheets, English worksheets plus manuscript and cursive practice pages.  There are printable charts showing the American Sign Language alphabet for letters and numbers, as well as decoding charts for Morse Code letters and numbers.  We really like the ASL chart, as we're trying to incorporate ASL into our schoolday.  My son is getting interested in codebreaking, so I can see Morse Code coming into the school room very soon.

Other printable worksheet and workbook subjects include astronomy, geology, weather and climate, and biology.  We just did a study on tears this week, and the printable eye anatomy chart (simplified) came in extremely handy.  The social studies section is geared primarily for middle to high school level students and includes ancient civilizations, medieval Europe, the cold war, and much more.  We're touring the continents this year and are currently studying South America.  I've just printed out the Map of South America as well as a research chart to compare and contrast three of it's countries.

To get unlimited access to all this great stuff, KBTeachers offers a FREE 10 day trial.  If you like what you're getting, you can continue on for just $29 for one year, or a discounted $49 for two years of premium membership.  You can't lose with KBTeachers' 30 day money back guarantee.

As if all of the above weren't enough, you can sign up for KBTeachers' free newsletter, which notifies subscribers of updates to the site, featured seasonal themes (fall, halloween, Christmas), special day worksheets (Veteran's Day, National Sandwich Day, Daniel Boone's Birthday), and new offerings.

Many worksheets can be customized and revised to use over and over and unlimited printables mean more fun for students and less work for the teacher.  Did I mention that worksheets are extremely helpful when you're on the go, carschooling, or overwhelmed?  High-fives for KBTeachers, which is turning into an awesome resource for our homeschool classroom this year!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Historical Craft Kits by Corps of ReDiscovery


The Corps of ReDiscovery is more than a great educational resource.  It is the story of a homeschooling family who took a year and a motor home and travelled the path of the original Corps of Discovery - Lewis and Clark - and then some.  They lumberjacked in Minnesota, swam where the Boston Tea Party took place, and harvested wild fruit along the way.  By the time they returned home, they had explored 47 of our great states, dozens of national parks and even more museums.

With imaginations fired and enthusiasm driving them, they began to produce craft kits based on their adventures into history.  Their emphasis is on early America and the skills and crafts needed to survive as American Indians, pioneers, frontiersmen and colonists.  Some of the kits available are:  Corn Husk Doll, Drop Spindle, Quilt, Moccasins, Bear Claw Necklace and many others. 


We received the Tomahawk Kit from the American Indian Package.  It arrived with everything needed to assemble it.  My seven year old son could barely contain himself on the ride home and as soon as we entered the house he opened it up and put it together all by himself.  He added several embellishments of his own which were not included.  To his disappointment, and his mother's relief, the blade was leather instead of steel.  The kit retails for $7.99 and is a great way to enrich your study of early Americans.  It is also offered as part of the American Indian Package which also includes the Headband, Bear Claw Necklace, Skin Frame, Fringe Pouch, Stone Arrowheads and Moccasin Kits all together for a special price of $59.94.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Collectorz - All Your Books At Your Fingertips

For all those with ginormous collections of books, hehemm, is a terrific way to organize them. offers database software to organize your books, music, movies, comics, games, mp3s, and photos.  We received Book Collector for our review.  Just input your ISBN or scan it using one of three barcode scanners offered by the company.  Up pops cover art, author, publisher, title, publication date, plot summary and other book data from the company's online data base.  You can then edit and add details, such as purchase price, where you bought it, who you loaned it to, your own plot summary and notes and just about anything else you want to remember about the book.

For just $29.95 plus $19.95 for the most economical scanner, you can have your books organized better than the local library's.  You can also create and export a page to your website or blog, to share or sell your books.

Anyone with a large media collection will benefit from using these databases and maybe organizing your collection on the shelf a bit.  How many times have you racked your brain, knowing you saw that book somewhere but can't remember where?  Simply add a location note to your list, and you'll find it in no time!  Ebooks and audio books can also be cataloged with Book Collector.

I'm having so much fun, I think I'll try photos next.  Now if they would just come up with one for home videos...

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