Monday, May 5, 2008

Chick, Chick, Chickeee!

And now it's May. More improvements this month. "Around the Homestead", Mrs. D's blog, will be updated more frequently; aiming for once a week. "The Homestead" will still be (the goal is) monthly, followed by the monthly newsletter of the same name.

Some new homestead artists will be joining the store with their own "Homestead Treats". Look for their info in the blog as we get their fine crafts added to the store.

So much has happened since March, it may take all month for me to get it up on the blog. L'il Homesteader finished his Pre-K work and is continuing with review and enrichment activities while we wait for his Kindergarten books to arrive. With 2 cows and 1 goat in milk we are trying out a milking machine, weighing the pros and cons.

Today's big news: Maryruth got the day-old baby chicks last Saturday, we picked up our 25 from her on the 3rd. So here are our week old babies. We are still having some chilly nights, so they are in an old water tub in Mrs. D's bathroom. No broody hen this year, so they've got a heat lamp to keep them warm. L'il Homesteader spends every waking moment inspecting his babies and playing with them. Ah, spring!

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