Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Small Town Patriotism

This is one of the million things I love about living in a small town. I bring the truck in to get some work done at 8a.m. (this could take all day) and the boys from the American Legion already have the flags up, lining the streets. Okay, I give up. Columbus Day is passed, Veterans day is not here yet. What is the deal with October 27th? Maryruth arrives shortly to give us a ride back to the Homestead and says, "It's Navy Day". "Huh?" "Navy Day. The day the Navy was started. Flags." "Oh, yeah". Mystery solved.
I love that even during frustrating times, when many of us are disgusted with many things our government is doing, there are a few staunch veterans, patriots, who are dedicated to reminding us of what's good about this country. Thanks, guys.
Guineas are doing well, 8 survivors for over 2 weeks now, and counting. They are still inside, but only 1 heat lamp now. After some advice from other guinea raisers, we added some powdered milk and cooking oil to the lay mash feed, and they seem to enjoy that.

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