Saturday, December 27, 2008

Marvelous, Mysterious Mabel

Okay, so this is what we think happened. Mabel was definitely bred, was getting appropriately huge, and was due sometime between June and September. In August, after several drenching rainstorms, she sank up to her eyeballs into a clay pit. It took Maryruth and the whole volunteer fire department several hours to extricate her. After that trauma, Mabel stayed in the lower pasture for several days before coming up to the barn. We believe that the calf aborted and was dragged off by coyotes, as we never found the carcass. Mabel was noticeabley smaller when I picked her up in September than when I had dropped her off in June. Poor Mabey. So she is now keeping company with a couple of old beaus, to get her back in the motherly way. Not to fear, she has adopted a small calf, who is enthusiastically keeping the milk flowing.

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