Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Ezra

Our new homestead calf, Ezra, was born on March 10th. Here he is at 1 day old with mama Linda, our half jersey, half dexter dairy cow. Ain't he sweet?

See more pics at my reader blog on here:

Ezzy and Linda are actually up at Maryruth's place. He's got a collar on now and is being "socialized". That's right - he's cute as a button now, but when he gets to be 900 pounds and ready for the butcher (dexters are a miniature cattle breed), we wanna be able to get him into the trailer without us losing essential body parts. So now while he's cute, we start handling him and petting and walking him and hand feeding him so he's not wild later.

Grass raised dexter meat is so tender that even if they don't put on much fat, their sirloin steaks will melt in your mouth...mmm!

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