Wednesday, December 2, 2009


And another new baby!  Here is Grazie the lamb, born on Thanksgiving Day to mama Valentine, the black South Down/Navajo Churro ewe, born on - yup - Valentine's Day.  Well, I refused to name her Thanksgiving, because that would sound too much like her fate would be the freezer, and since she is a she, that fate will be postponed indefinitely for now.  Hence the Italian version. 

I walked out to feed the animals and heard the familiar lamb cry.  After verifying that, yes, we did have a new baby, and it was from the sheep, I ran in to tell everyone and we all came out to gawk.  I have to say, I am very thankful that she is a sheep, because I am culling my entire unproductive herd of goats and starting over.  Which would not have been a problem, except that the goats are already promised away.

Maybe we should rename the Homestead, from Mrs. D's to Holiday Homestead.  Our animals seem to have a preference to those days these last couple years.  Wonder what's in store for Christmas?

For more on baby Grazie, see my Grit Reader Blog:

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Cassandra Frear said...

How sweet. A baby lamb near Christmas. And you named her Grazie. Awwwww.