Friday, January 7, 2011

See N Read - Reading Tools That Rock!


See-N-Read Reading Tools are simple, effective aids to reading.  Just lay the small, gray plastic guide on your page and line up your text in the window.  See-N-Reads can benefit anybody, from beginning readers, to adults struggling to get through all the fine print in a contract.  My son was so excited about the See-N-Read tools that he usurped them all for himself.  His favorite is the document size See-N-Read, I suspect because he doesn't have to move it so much.  A fringe benefit of See-N-Read is that it can also act as a bookmark in between reading sessions.  My son is now sitting down to read, just so he can "play" with his See-N-Read. 


When I finally did get my hands on the See-N-Read Memory Mark, I found it just as beneficial for myself.  The gray tint surrounding the reading window filters out distractions on the page and helps me stay focused on what I'm reading.  Memory Mark has the window cut out, so I can mark passages of text that I want to highlight, or otherwise make note of. 

For such a simple tool, an amazing amount of research went into See-N-Read.  I didn't understand alot of the 20-page research packet that came with our tools, but I did gather that they were tested extensively in schools, and that several reading experts and teachers had alot of good things to say about them.  I know this - they work GREAT!

See-N-Read also has a PC version, that you can easily download and bring up on your computer screen.  I didn't think I'd like it, but I was pleasantly surprised.  After a few fits and starts getting it to the right size for what I was reading, and to a convenient size for my screen, I found it to be a great help to reading all the "fine print" stuff - EULA's, Terms of Agreement and so forth.  I found it also came in handy for reading lengthier blogs and articles, as it can be easy to lose one's place, staring at the computer screen.  My son really enjoyed using it for reading his e-books on the computer.

With all the work and testing and research that went into developing See-N-Read, it is surprisingly affordable.  The small sizes are only $2.99 each or 3 for $8.99, document sizes are $3.49 each or 3 for $9.99.  See-N-Read also offers larger quantities for special prices and combinations of several or all products for a special price.  The eSee-N-Read program is $29.99 and is available for immediate download.

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We recieved one set of See-N-Read and Memory Mark tools and a free download of eSee-N-Read for this review.  No other compensation was recieved.

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