Monday, March 7, 2011

Reading Kingdom - Reading Without Rules

Phonics has been used to teach reading "since Hector was a pup", as my dad would say.  The team behind Reading Kingdom has an alternative.  Learning to read by mastering 6 basic skills:  sequencing, motor skills, sounds, meaning, grammar and comprehension.  And they provide all the tools necessary in a fun, child-friendly online program. 

Our happy little owl friend starts 4-10 year olds and ESL students off by having them take a skills assessment test.  The object is to place the student at the appropriate level, and then the program customizes as students complete subsequent levels.  With minimal supervision, most children can work through the program on their own.  Parents can log in to check daily progress.  If students are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the keyboard and mouse, they can start with the keyboard and mouse training. 

My second grade son is already an enthusiastic reader, and felt the program was just a little too tedious for him.  The skills survey placed him in Letter Land, for more keyboarding practice, despite what I think are pretty good typing skills.  Apparently he wasn't fast enough, and quickly lost interest.  The fun stuff is really in the Reading and Writing Section, with six new books on each of six levels.  So maybe for a beginning or struggling reader it would be more fun.  Especially if your child is not reading well with a phonics based program.  Try Reading Kingdom for FREE for 30 days, then if it's working for your child, convert to a monthly subscription at only $19.99 for the first child and $9.99 for additional children.  Subscriptions can also be paid by the year at $199.99 - that's 2 months FREE PLUS the FREE TRIAL!

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We received a one year subscription to Reading Kingdom in return for our review of this product.  No other compensation was received for this review.

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