Friday, September 14, 2012

Homecoming: Memoirs of a Deployed Marine

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I have been trying to come up with some brilliant, clever blog topics these last few weeks, but life has been so chaotic on the Homestead that I am finding it difficult to focus on writing.  So while I continue trying to catch up with myself and write something relatively coherent, I will be making some plugs for some other folks.

Today I have a plug for my future son-in-law's friend: "Homecoming"  is a book about U.S. Marines on deployment in Iraq, written by a Marine.  My daughter's fiance and the author, Russel Vineyard, served together in Iraq.  Vineyard's presentation is rough and raw, but true to life, and full of action and adventure.  I do not recommend it for anyone under the age of 16, but for mature adults, it is an eye opener to what "our boys" go through "over there".

I am proud of this young man for making such a courageous start as a writer, and hope he will continue to hone his skills and bring us more stories from his experience and imagination.

In support of all our Marines who have returned from active duty and are trying to get on with "normal" lives, and in support of all of us "starving" writers, I encourage you to check out this book;)

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