Monday, August 19, 2013

Trouble In Store - Book Review
There's Trouble In Store, when a young governess finds herself alone in the world, with only a letter from a distant cousin bequeathing his share in an Arizona mercantile to her. Melanie Ross takes the next train west but what she finds when she arrives in Cedar Ridge, is not what she expected. Instead of a warm welcome from her cousin's business partner, Alvin, she discovers a rival claim to her inheritance. Alvin, now deceased, has left his half of the store to his nephew and Caleb Nelson doesn't want Melanie around. Melanie is determined to claim her inheritance - it's all she has to hold onto. Soon, bigger problems come their way, as a mysterious stranger is murdered on the steps of the mercantile and no one is free from suspicion. Will Caleb and Melanie lose their last hope of livelihood? Or will they join together to solve the murder and find something more precious?

Once again, Carol Cox paints a vivid picture of 1880's Arizona, alive with piercing blue skies, red sunsets and raging flash floods. Even the townspeople are a colorful mixture of the rogues, rebels and wanderers that inhabit small-town Arizona to this day. Meticulous research and a love for history keep Carol writing enjoyable and interesting stories about old west Arizona, with a healthy dose of spiritual direction. I enjoy her wry sense of humor and had to laugh as Caleb kept trying to get rid of Melanie, while Melanie kept trying to "improve" the store.

I recommend this book for ages 12 and up. Available from Baker Publishing for $14.99, as a 352 page paperback or in e-book format. Also available from Amazon and other distributors.

Thank you to Carol Cox and Baker Publishing for providing me with a free review copy of this book. Looking forward to your next one, Carol.

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