Saturday, April 23, 2011

See The Light - And Draw!


Okay, I may be artistic in many ways, but I cannot draw a stick figure.  I loved coloring when I was little; grandma (a real artist) used to sit me down with tracing paper and carbon paper and I could trace a picture and then transfer it to another paper and color it.  Drawing freehand?  No way.  Mrs. S used to come in and do chalk drawings on the blackboard at school and then take us through, step by step, to draw it ourselves.  Mine were less than impressive and I never caught on to the techniques that she was trying to teach. 

Pat Knepley, of See The Light, is reminiscent of those blackboard days.  With her easel and a clean sketchpad in front of her, she slowly explains each basic drawing technique and then illustrates it on the sketchpad.  The great part is that this is all on DVD, so you can replay it over and over until you and your students are able to do it yourselves.  For our free trial we received the first DVD in the 9 DVD series, "The Basics".  In it Pat shares her infectious enthusiasm for art and shows students how to set up their own tool kit, basic line drawing, contours and using common everyday items for their subjects.  There is also a bonus lesson, chalk drawing, by another artist.  After watching the first lesson, my son was so excited that he immediately began putting together his own tool kit, then had to watch the lesson again to make sure he had everything, making a list of what he still needed for mom.  Luckily most of the supplies we already had on hand for our everyday homeschooling needs.  No charcoal pencils or brushes and paints yet;)  We now have days of marathon drawing sessions and my son is much more careful with his coloring projects.  After watching all four lessons plus the bonus lesson, he started begging for more of the DVDs.  I have to say I agree with him, even I'm inspired!

Designed for grades K-8  I think even high schoolers and adults, such as myself, can truly benefit from this art curriculum.  Simple Bible lessons are woven in throughout.  The first DVD is FREE!  Subsequent DVDs are $14.99 each or all 9 for $99.99.  Each DVD includes 4 lessons plus a bonus lesson.  Year 2 is in the works and the company also offers a number of related products on their website.

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We received the FREE DVD "The Basics" for this review.  No other compensation was received.

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