Friday, May 6, 2011

Andi's Fair Surprise


Andi's Fair Surprise, one of the Circle C Beginnings books by Susan K. Marlow, introduces 6 year old Andi and her ranch family to young readers.  Written for ages 6-8, these chapter books take early readers on a rollicking ranch adventure in 1870's California. 

My 7 year old son was into this book before we left the post office with it and finished the first two chapeters by the time we got home.  He could not put it down.  I went to the Andi and Taffy website and downloaded the FREE activity booklet, with mazes, vocabulary, math, writing, history and crafts and printed it out for him.  We used it as a unit study for the next two days.  Then, without prompting, he wrote a short story about the book!  It is so exciting when something clicks!


The Circle C Beginnings books are great "living" books, portraying California ranch life in the 1800's.

Even weeks later, my son still has a renewed appreciation for his "farm life" and enjoying nature.  He frequently looks out the window for his "TV", watching our critters roam and play.  His cowboy make-believe has take on new aspects inspired by Andi's Fair Surprise.  He is teaching himself to throw a lasso, though the goats know they're safe for the time being...  He has finally summoned up the courage to try horseback riding again. 


I can't wait to get the whole set of these books.  I learned with my older sons - when something inspires a boy to read you get it!  Four books are available in the Circle C Beginnings series, with 2 more due out in August.  They can be purchased at Kregel Publications or personalized for your child at Andi and Taffy for only $4.99 each, $9.98 for 2 or $15.96 for all 4, plus shipping.  The FREE activity books and coloring pages can be downloaded at the Andi and Taffy website.

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We received one copy of "Andi's Fair Surprise" in paperback for us to evaluate and enjoy.  No other compensation was received for this review.

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Andi Carter said...

What a great review! I'm so tickled about the "lassoing" aspect and turning a fiction book into something actually worthwhile, like a renewed interest in history and horses and the like. Thanks for sharing!
You did know that Kregel has a homeschool special going on, right? 30% off. Quite a deal. Better than my price, that's for sure! LOL
You click on the "homeschool" on their home page.
Thanks again for the lovely review!