Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Go Trybe


We live a very active lifestyle, caring for our livestock, hauling and stacking hay; growing, harvesting and preserving some of our food; hauling and cutting our firewood, etc.  So I wasn't particularly enthused about trying an online excercise program.  Once we got into it, though, it was actually kind of fun.  My 8 year old son really had a blast!

He started right off creating his avatar, then went to trying out the different workout videos.  When he discovered that he earned points to spend on clothing and accessories for his avatar, he was "off and running".


Go Trybe is a fitness and wellness program for all ages, but focused on children and teens, with an aim to combat childhood obesity.  Children sign in and create their avatar, choose workout videos to complete, learn about nutrition, wellness and motivation and answer questions correctly, and earn points to spend on their avatar.  Favorite workouts can be saved or pre-built workout sessions can be used.  Workouts cover warmups, cardio, strength and flexibility training.

Three tribes address the needs and abilities of different age groups:  ZooDoos - up to 5th grade; Trybe180 - 6th-9th grade; Nextrybe - 10th-12th grade.  Trybers can make and message friends, post bulletins called "shout outs", and earn badges at various point increments.  Trybers with the highest points in each division make Trybal Leader.  The kids fitness blog posts the latest Go Trybe updates, and also provides a link to the trybal store where members can purchase shirts and other gear with the Go Trybe logo. 


For parents and other adults, the blog features tips, recipes and other resources to help encourage a healthier lifestyle.  Go Trybe also hosts forums to address members specific questions or needs.  There is even an opportunity for trybers to participate in Go Trybe video shoots in Tennessee by becoming a Trybe Athlete.

My only disappointment with this program is the immodest dress (so prevalent in our culture, especially in sports).  Parents with concerns, especially for helping their sons to keep their thoughts pure, should definitely make use of the FREE TRIAL, to evaluate whether this is something you want to use with your children, who will be watching it over and over...

To try Go Trybe for one day for FREE, go to the sign up page and enter the promo code GETFIT.  If you want to continue after the FREE TRIAL, the cost is $19.95 a year (regular $39.95).   The kids fitness blog is offering membership for only 99cents a month for a limited time, use promo code KIDSFITNESS.  There is also a discount for AAU members. 

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We received a free limited time membership in Go Trybe in exchange for posting our opinions and experiences with it.  No other compensation was received for this review.

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