Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Homemade Christmas Gifts And More - Review

Kindle Exclusive
Once again, Susanne, the Hillbilly Housewife has done it.  She has compiled a trove of frugal Christmas gift ideas, old and new, into one handy volume.  At only $2.99, this Kindle exclusive will save you hundreds of dollars on Christmas gifts, not to mention hours of shopping and stress.  

With some inexpensive yet up to date packaging - ideas included in book - cookies, coffee mixes and bath goodies become coveted gifts for family and friends.  The best part is, these don't take all year to make.  In just a couple of sessions, you can easily assemble several bath and body gifts or baked gifts and homemade mixes.  Crocheted and sewn gifts may take a bit longer, but not much if you keep it simple.  Susanne has all kinds of ideas there, too.  There are even simple gifts for kids to make and receive.

I was very happy with the recipe section for baked gifts and mixes, and also the gift basket ideas, but a little disappointed in the handmade section.  There are lots of ideas for handmade gifts, but no directions for any specific crocheted, knitted or sewn gifts, although links to other sites are included.  Also, I would have hoped for a little more in the section of gifts children can make.  That drawback pointed out, I still love the book for the price, and have plenty of other resources for kid stuff.  

I have given many of these gifts myself over the years, yet having it all there in front of me reminded me of how easy and inexpensive gift giving can be, and gave me some inspiration for those on my list this year.

For lots of frugal tips and recipes for low cost home cooking from scratch, see Susanne's website http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/.

To purchase Homemade Christmas Gifts and More, Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family, (c) 2012 by Susanne B. Myers, visit Amazon.

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