Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Death of the Camera

It started about two years ago.  The flash on my wonderful, digital camera folds down and snaps when not in use.  One day it decided not to fold down anymore.  No problem, didn't hurt the camera any.  The lens had been having issues with dust making it not want to spin up and open, so I had been cleaning it periodically and had still been able to take plenty of pictures and videos.  The last straw came the other day during a miscellaneous photo shoot.  The lens refused to open no matter how much I cleaned, coaxed or pommeled it.  

I have now resigned myself to the fact that my lovely Samsung NV10, 10.1 mega-pixel camera with the Scheider-Kreuznach lens, which has taught me so much about digital photography, needs replacing.  Although I have already found a similar model, with more up-to-date features, for a price I can afford within the next few weeks, I am thinking that maybe I would like to upgrade to a more versatile outfit.

My Samsung fits neatly in my pocket, and doesn't take up any room in my purse.  But I am longing for the optical zoom and more precise focus of one of the better cameras on the market now.  I am certainly not going to pop for a professional set-up, which I don't have the skill to use anyway.  I have just about decided to save up for a few months and get a nice, mid-priced camera, which may be too big for my pocket or purse, but should allow me to take some awesome pics and videos, to help bring my blog and website up a level in usefulness and enjoyment to you, my readers.

Until then, please be patient with my recycled pictures, and know that I am working hard to make Mrs. D's more interesting for all of us!

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