Friday, June 27, 2014

Off-Grid in Yellowstone for a Fairytale Wedding

We just got back from a wonderful week in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. My daughter married her Prince Charming and we all did a whirlwind tour of the park and the adjacent Grand Teton National Park. We topped it off with an awesome trail ride and when we stopped at my daughter's house on the way back to California to take my dad home, I had a renewed enthusiasm for my horses, who are now enjoying life, grazing on real pasture there.

Camping in the RV in Yellowstone was an interesting experience in being off-grid. We got to test the limitations of our coach batteries, our solar panels and our refrigerator. Also, since my dad and my oldest son and his family stayed in the RV with us, we got to test our endurance! All kidding aside, it was great fun to camp out for a week with old, new and extended family.

I am excited to be able to report, in upcoming posts, on our successes with our system, as well as the bugs we need to continue working out. This was also our first attempt at towing another vehicle with the RV. We gained a new perspective by actually being the big, dumb motor home slowing everybody else down! We tried to use as many turnouts as possible, but getting going again, from a complete stop, uphill, with a tow car, is really an exercise in frustration.

For more on our adventures in Yellowstone and Grand Teton, also see upcoming posts on our sister blog, A Simple Catholic

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