Monday, September 1, 2014

Yak Shows Off His Science Projects

One of the great things about roadschooling is visiting family and friends. Another is the ability to have an impromptu science camp when you're visiting the home of an engineering grad. Here, Yak shows off some of his creations, built from an "Eco Toys" kit, with the supervision of his brother-in-law. (Following commentary is Yak's.)

Gravity Robot

You have to have some small nuts, stick on eyes, string, can and legs that will move that you can see in the clip. Robot needs: can,stick on eyes and the legs in the clip for feet. Attach the eyes on the can and take off the tabs on the can, attach the legs on the bottom. The mover: string and small nuts. Attach the string to the hole on the legs that you can see on the clip and on the other end put on the nuts (about 20 or 25) and then tie a big enough knot so that the nuts won't fall off no matter what and there you have the gravity robot put all the nuts on the string off a end of like a table and make sure you use a flat surface. Enjoy!

Disc Racer

This is a balloon and a disc and something else. You blow up the balloon and then put it on the thing that you will put in the middle of the disc and then it will float! Not in mid air but on a flat surface. Enjoy! This is not the one that has the 2 discs and the toilet roll.

Hover Disc

Cartesian Diver

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