Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting Ready For School

Unlike many homeschooling families, we have NOT started our school year yet.  Our books finally arrived last week, and I have been reviewing the lesson plans, looking over the books, and getting supplies together.  My son, on the other hand, got hold of his new books and never looked back.  He has been reading and working through any and all assignments he can do on his own...would that such enthusiasm continued through the rest of the school year!

Here you can see his new desk, which was given to us by a friend who had no use for it.  You can see his new books all in a neat stack.  His drawers are organized too...for the moment;)

Just proof for later in the year that, yes, at one time we COULD actually see the top of the desk!

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Jules said...

LOL We haven't started yet either! :) I am hoping to start some time next week, this is our first year. :)