Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making Math Fun - Pyramath Cards

Making Math Fun

We've been having a blast with Pyramath Cards.  My second grade son is working on addition and subtraction right now, and of the several games that can be played with these cards, the one we play over and over is the basic 7 card pyramid.  It goes like this:  lay 7 cards face up, side by side.  Each player works their side of the line to form a pyramid by playing a card on top of pairs of side by side cards in the line, that equal the sum or difference of the 2 side by side cards.  The first person to complete their pyramid wins!  Multiplication and division can also be added into the game for older children.

Pyramath Cards

Pyramath, available from I See Cards for $6.95, comes complete with everything you need to start having lots more fun with math.  The deck of cards, numbered 0-9, instruction booklet detailing various uses and several games, and access to online play.  Another thing I like about the cards is that they each display the numerals in standard, Roman numeral, Arabic and Chinese.  The number words are also written out in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese.  Languages being another subject I would like to incorporate more into our learning program.

Detail of card with numeral, languages and symbols

Pyramath is designed for grades Kindergarten and up, I can testify that I am having fun with it myself, so I am sure it would be great review and practice for High Schoolers.  However, I See Cards also has 3 other great games available:  Fractazmic, which helps teach and review addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions; Prime Bomb, which covers prime numbers and their operations; and a game for younger children called I See Cards, which introduces basic numbers and words (English and Spanish) with pictures.  Go to I See Cards for more info on these products.

Cards 0 through 9

I put together a "carschool" bag this year, as we are frequently on the go, and the Pyramath cards are right in there with the audio books and the field guides.  We frequently use the game as a warmup for our math lesson, but my son likes to work ahead as much as he can also, so after correcting the day's math work, if we have a few extra moments, we will take out the Pyramath cards for a few games.

For the same price as other educational card games on the market, this one stands alone in bringing new enthusiasm to math teachers and students, at least at the homestead school!  Although you can play for free online at the website, we highly recommend buying the game for one on one play.  It's a barrel of laughs!

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Disclaimer:  We received the above product free of charge, in return for using it and telling about our experience with it.  No other compensation was received.

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