Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Salem Ridge Press - Where Books Live

My first encounter with Salem Ridge Press was Soldier Fritz, by Emma Leslie (softcover, $10.95, ages 8-adult).  I have to say I was disappointed.  An historical novel set in the sixteenth century, it makes frequent jabs at the Catholic church.  I am a big fan of historical fiction and thus encounter this frequently in my own reading, however, I don't feel it is appropriate for my child to be dealing with at this point in his character formation.  There is plenty of good, wholesome historical fiction on the market, whose authors don't have to stoop to denigrating the lifestyle or religion of others in order to make their point.  Books by Emma Leslie will not be making it into our reading lists or home library. 

That said, Salem Ridge Press has several other excellent titles and authors in its' inventory.

Down the Snow Stairs, by Alice Corkran, came as an e-book.  Thankfully, Apple has finally come up with an app for the Ipod Touch that will allow books to be read in book format, with pictures and everything, rather than the text-only-all-running-together that had previously made the Ipod undesireable to me as an ereader.  Down the Snow Stairs is a delightful journey through "Naughty Children Land" with Kitty, who feels very guilty about her younger brother's illness, and desperately wants to be with him on Christmas Eve.  Kitty learns important lessons about obedience, kindness, honesty and other moral values as she wanders through bogs, broken toys, and badly behaved children.  Finally, on Christmas Day, Kitty is reunited with her beloved Johnnie, who has survived his dreadful fever, and begs to hear all about Kitty's adventures. 

My son tends to get bored with moral stories, but this one really holds his attention.

The little outlaw particularly enjoyed hearing the adventures of Young Robin Hood, by George Manville Fenn, also in ebook form, and yes, also on the Ipod.  We have both these PDFs on the computer, but it's just so very convenient to take them with us and read them on the Ipod.  I still love the feel of a real book, but ereaders can carry a whole lot more of them than my purse can.  After being rescued from a bully by the Merry Men and spending a year in Sherwood Forest learning to hunt, track and shoot a bow and arrow, young Robin is returned to his father and peace and friendship reign once again in the land.  Robin's journey from spoiled young noble to confident, compassionate young man is splendidly told.  His father's joy at knowing his son is not dead as feared, leads him to humble himself and forsake all he owns, if necessary, just to see him again.

Although these two books are a bit above my second grader's reading level, I enjoyed reading them to him.  The PDF format is easy to download and read on the computer, as well most ereaders, and the price is reasonable.  For more information, including other titles, go to Salem Ridge Press, 4263 Salem Drive, Emmaus, PA  18049.

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I received one paperback and two ebooks in exchange for my honest use and review of these products.  No other compensation was received for this review.


Briana said...

I love your title! The Robin Hood book sounds great for boys. I need to check that one out. I enjoyed reviewing the books from Salem Ridge.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

mrsd said...

Thanks, we enjoyed them too!